Business Fields

Product Development
Hardware development special fast measurement technique with associated software development.

Microsystem Technologies
Project management design and manufacture of prototypes,
small and large production runs for:

Hybrid Circuits
Thick and Thin film technique, Aluminum- Oxide- Substrates, Aluminum- Nitrite- Substrates Single- and double- sided, multilayer through plating Single Inline, Dual Inline or customised manufacturing SMD assembled or chip and wire technology Precision and high voltage resistors Thick and Thin film technology mix Analogue - Digital - ASICs Applications for extreme environments

Bond technology for circuit boards and flexible substrates before and after SMD assembly.

Ceramic substrates / silicon substrates in thick and thin film technology. Single-layer, multi-layer and through plated designs. Single- and double-sided assembly. Combinations of precision and analogue circuits. High voltage applications and digital circuits. High packing density by the employment of ASICs, sandwich techniques with internal layer resistors adjusted by laser. High speed applications for special measuring tasks. Applications with galvanic separation in hermetically sealed metal cases.

Flip-Chip Applications
Wafer bumping with tin pads "rewiring" of ball grid arrays with insufficient pad spacing. Assembly on circuit board and ceramic substrates.

Assembly Service
Material procurement, SMD assembly on circuit board and ceramic substrates. Mixed assembly - SMD and conventional on one board. SMD assembly on flexible circuit boards. Electrical testing.