DME produces
on different substrates like
- conventional PCB with Ni/Au surface with sizes up to 150mm x 200mm
- Flex with Ni/Au surface with sizes up to 100mm x 100mm
 DME undertakes the following tasks
- Custom tailored solutions according internal design rules for COB
- Design and layout supported by simulation tools
- Procurement of components, dies and substrates
- Prototyping
- Serial production.
 DME executes
- production of documentation and programs
- automatic SMD assembly
- thermally or electrically conducting adhesives
- automatical die bonding
- automatical Al- or Au- thinwire bonding up to 30µm
- automatical Al- thickwire bonding from 100µm
- functional and strain test under temperature conditions
- reliability test under extreme conditions like cold, heat, humidity, vibration, shock, acceleration.
- burn-in-test
- passivation of components
- hermetical sealing by epoxy, silicon resin or ceramic covers.