How we achieve short development times
Complex designs can require several redesigns caused by logic (circuit), physical (layout) or production-related alterations. These repetitions are time-consuming and often involve the manufacture of more expensive prototypes. This extends the product development process and thus the time-to-market, and it can also shorten the product service life. Dorazil Mikroelektronik undertakes development work employing the most up-to-date tools to be able to master the challenges on the electronics market to best effect. We optimise design, reduce costs, increase the development performance and shorten product development cycles.

Our development process up to the manufacture of microsystems

Production of a job specification and functional description of the system

Logical design
The implementation of the specification by using behaviour simulation and logic synthesis, circuit layout input and analysis tools.

Physical design
The implementation of logical design in a physical design. A physical design consists of the following stages and targets: placement of the components, place requirements and artwork creation in order to build up the electrical connections between the components by track conductors, feedthroughs and bonding points. Analysis in order to simulate, the electrical, thermal and production-related properties to ensure that the design rules and specifications have been observed. Production syntheses help to simulate and optimise the production process at the run-up stage. This enables the simple description of the production environment and the use of logical and physical design data to generate assembly and production plans, machine allocations, assembly groups and sequence. Analysis and optimisation of the design and complete production processes contribute to a short development time, reduce production costs and shorten the throughput time of production runs. Generation data of production, assembly and test can be done for the production of microsystems.

Involves the production of several prototypes to ensure that the physical design meets the specifications.

Documentation for production release
The results from the individual development stages are documented for the customer to enable him to give the go-ahead for production.

Our products and their areas of application
Aerospace industry
Satellite technology
Microsystems technology
Safety technology
Measuring and control
Process and machine control
Military engineering
Development and science of new technologies and applications demanding
the highest possible reliability.