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  Dorazil Mikro-Elektronik GmbH German
Business fields
About us
Assembly service
- conception of technology according to the requirements
- 1:1 conversion from standard IC to die
- conversion from standard IC to ASIC or FPGA
- layout supported by simulation (SPICE) programs
- production of stencils, sieves and films
- procurement of materials, components, dies and substrates
- documentation including back-persecution
- obsolescence management
MCM DME produces
on different Materials and subtrates like:
- conventional PCB`s (finepitch)
- flexible PCB`s (finepitch)
- ceram with conductors and resistors in thick film technology
- LTCC-ceram in thick film technology (see thick film technology)
- Thin film technology with finest conductors and extremely stable resistors (see thin film technology)

Other Materials upon request.
MCMDME places
- passive SMD-components
- housed semiconductors, IC`s, BGA`s, µBGA`s
- unhoused standard-dies, ASIC`s and Flip-Chips
MCMDME places
- production of printed ceram substrates (thick film)
- structuring of thin film substrates
- passive laser adjustment of resistors
- production of prototypes
- series production
- automatical die bonding
- automatical Al- or Au- thinwire bonding
- automatical Al- thickwire bonding
- laser controlled function adjustment
- functional test under temperature conditions
- burn-in-test
- reliability under extreme conditions like vibration or temperature shock
- documentation of materials and production steps
- hermetical sealing of metal or ceramic housings.