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Assembly service
Screenprinting Screenprinting
Air-Conditioned rooms with stable temperature, constant air humidity and filtered air supply, achieved cleaning degree class C1.000 Single- and Multiscreenprinting through-plated conductions, Fineline printing (up to 80Ám).
Screenprinting-Control Screenprinting - Control
Optical control of substrates directly after the printing occurence.
Solder-Printing Solder - Printing
Halfautomatic solder printing, optical 2D 3D Measurement, precision up to 2Ám exactly. Only finepitch-suited kind of solder are used.
SMD-Assembly SMD-Assembly
Smallest size 0402 All SMD-cases for BGA's, Micro-BGA's and Flip-Chips QFP's up to a connection screen of 0,254mm proceeding secured. SMD- connectors up to 150mm length Assembly of exotic components Assembly of flexible or starr-flexible PCB's and of course ceramic substrates.
Interior View Interior View
of an armed assembling automat (2Head-High-Precision-Automat). Centering of defined components per laser, precision up to 10Ám exactly.
Reading Reading
of BOC-Marks per infra-redlight-camera to the comparision of tolerances with Multi-up PCB's allowing a continously high assembling precision.
Hand Assembly Hand Assembly
Conventionel Components are assembled at especially protected and antistatic secured working stations with high functionality integration.
Bonding Department Bonding Department
Air-Conditioned rooms with stable temperature, constant air humidity and filtered air supply, achieved cleaning degree class C1.000 Ultrasonic - Wedge-Wedge - Proceeding Aluminum-thin wire bonding Gold-thin wire bonding (heated admission) Maximal wire-strength: 50Ám.
Bondprocess Bondprocess
with proceeding control. The bonding automat from the manufacturer F&K Delvotec is owning a controlling mechanism, which is able to show incorrect (possible faulty) parameter with every single wire. This guarantees a continously high quality standard.
Die-Bonding Die-Bonding
per automat with high precision, up to 1Ám exactly! Die Bonding of Micro-Chips, Flip-Chips and also Asics, from Wafers or from Wafflepacks, both are possible.
Testing area Testing area
Incircuit-Test, Stand Alone, Passive and active Components, IC's, Reliability Test, Burn- In, Run- In, Security Tests (f. e. VDE).
Test of Functionality Test of Functionality
Inline, Stand Alone, Customerspecific partition testing or complete functionality testing.