Our High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler proceeds PCB`s of 410mm x 360mm with a component height of up to 20mm.
The processible SMD parts range from 0201 up to 75mm², IC`s, BGA, µBGA up to edge connectors of 150mm.
Conventional Components of all kind can be mounted.
We cab handle all combinations of SMD-, BGA-, CSP-, COB- and Flip-Chip-Parts
on all substrates like PCB, Flex, Ceramic, Glass.
DME realises
solutions from conceptual studies, design and layout to process development and prototyping, even to production of series in the designated qualities and quantities.

DME offers
a complete value adding chain from the first consultation to the delivery of tested boards or completely finished equipment.
DME offers
complete stock disposition for the customers.

DME offers
functionality and rating of all devices according to the customers requirements, even under extreme environmental conditions like cold, heat, humidity, vibration, shock and acceleration.